D3D Technologies
The Team:
The technology team is a group of dynamic, energetic and focused software developers, designers, installation engineers and service engineers with experienced team heads. D3D's skilled technical support staff is always ready to provide solutions to meet any of your business demands.
Interceptive Management Software solutions…Years of pioneering experience in diverse engineering and sales environments…
D3D’s Management and Technical teams have a seasoned perception of technology and its uses - a comprehensive technological vision with an end-to-end understanding of the strategic business needs of clients with a clear cut process of delivery of goods and services.
The Team Leader:
The team is headed by Mr. Narayanan Yadav, the founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO), of D3D Technologies. His credible, decade long experience with various Government Agencies and Corporate Clients, has added tremendous value to the company’s qualitative growth and earnings. He has directed D3D’s technical, human and intelligence resources into developing indigenous, innovative technologies.
The Philosophy:
We at D3D Technologies believe in the spirit of innovation…we explore new terrain in software and supportive hardware and product development. We are open to new ideas at work. We innovate! We explore! We create! We produce effective results! We redefine!
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