D3D Technologies private limited delivers indigenous and innovative Solutions that deal with security requirements, crime detection, corporate transactions, and a wide range of communication systems and networks.
Our crime detection products and services cater primarily to the lawful interception and surveillance requirements of Government “Law Enforcement Agencies” (LEA), aiding in the detection, prevention, and tracking of crime, suspects and criminals.
Several communication processes involved in crime, can be tracked with our equipment as it covers all the possible channels of communication including landline phones, mobile phones, the Short Messaging Service (SMS), Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS), Internet based transactions, Facsimile, emails and wireless communication.
State-of-the-art, in-house Research and Development (R&D) facilities enable us to develop new technologies everyday. We at D3D Technologies, also customize products and services to suit the needs of corporate houses, the communications industry and software companies. Some of our products and services serve the purpose of public utility and are commonly used by the public at times of accidents and other traffic emergencies.
A number of reputed government law enforcement agencies are our clients. All of them have universally accredited our technological innovations, quality, timely delivery and post sale product support.
Based in Chennai, D3D Technologies has several servicing units across India.